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David Stuart Snell - Bio

Company Ethos

images of david stuart snell at work on location

An experienced Producer/Director, with a 15-year career spanning multiple genres, formats, and platforms.

I began as a photographer and then a stint at BBC studios working on music tv before moving into the commercial sector and working my way up to Head of Production and in-house Film Director on many high-profile international filming projects.

Achieved a high level of experience in both creative and management, working from concept to screen, ensuring I can step in at any point to keep a project on track for success.

Highly passionate about creating visual content - I’ve had the pleasure of working in various countries alongside legendary names such as Jennifer Lopez, Pep Guardiola, Sienna Miller, Fernando Alonso, and Kylie Minogue – creating films for broadcast all over the world.

With more than 10 years of Producing, Directing and scriptwriting experience, Canyon Media is a boutique production entity and a confident, experienced, 

and reliable source of production support.


Our work has been approved, shared, and broadcast all around the world, we even had to have one film rubber-stamped by the Vatican!


But industries change and in recent years equipment has become cheaper and sadly so have people, but talent and experience still hold value.


So, by utilising a pool of talented freelancers and maintaining a fully virtual organisation we can offer that experience competitively, whilst maintaining the fact that our years in the business plus long list of credits, clients and success are worth a small premium.


We have a huge amount of experience working under NDA with the CEOs of international blue-chip companies such as Lloyds of London for their internal communications or with 

in-demand A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez for broadcast-critical Entertainment segments.


The success of these jobs simply can’t be risked or left to chance.


Working with us assures that what you need will be captured and delivered to you professionally, on time and at the highest possible standard.


And whilst there are projects that appear simple and  “just need to be ok”…  sometimes there are jobs worth spending a bit more effort on, that need to be done well - to demonstrate the value you see in your message, brand, or business.


If your video is going to be seen by your staff, your partners, your competitors or your public then it needs to be more than ‘just ok’.


Our goal is simply to help elevate you beyond ‘ok’ and deliver a traditional higher standard of production value at an accessible, modern cost.


So, get in touch and let’s talk about the importance of your communications and how best to add value through film.

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